The Weekly Round Up #8

The weekly round up - a feature of my favourite blogger recipes and easy finds this week

How’s it going, readers? I have had some internet and hosting issues recently so I only managed to post the one recipe this week. If you haven’t checked out my spiced pear and earl grey tartlets recipe yet, you can do so here

I have been having a lot of conversations recently with friends about adulthood and quarter life panic slash crises (it’s actually a thing now, would you believe). Then the other day, one of my nephews point blank asked me how old I am. It was on the tip of my tongue to retort back that you should never ask a lady her age but at the last moment, I decided to ask him instead how old he thought I was.

Half filled with dread, I waited for him to answer. He mulled it over with an overly deliberate contemplative expression, before offering, “20?” A satisfied grin broke out on my face (I am, in fact, some 3 and a bit years older) but I stopped myself from prematurely celebrating. “Wait,” I said, eyeing him carefully. “Is 20 old or young?”

“Old,” he replied matter of factly, with absolutely no hesitation this time.

I was too amused to reprimand him. To be that age again when 20 seems so old and wise!

But I digress, readers, here are 5 blogger recipes that have caught my eye this week and 5 great Etsy finds that would make a lovely gift for yourself or a loved one. 

5 Blogger Recipes

  1. White Bean Soup by Halal Home Cooking – Algerian Loubia, or White Bean Soup. A perfect warming soup for this time of year, great for legume and pulse lovers. 
  2. Prawn and Tamarind Curry by Chilli and Mint – Meaty prawns in a sweet and sour tamarind curry, yum. 
  3. Crispy Falafel By Syrup and Glaze – Idk, how can someone not be a fan of falafel, huh??
  4. Sweet Potato Toffee Cake by Cleobuttera – This Egyptian foodie has the most tempting food pics around. Wait till you check out the shine on the chocolate ganache on this cake!
  5. Caribbean Banana Fritters by African Bites – Little bite sized banana fritters that I think would be perfect for banana bread lovers. Vegan friendly too. 

5 Etsy Finds

  1. Hand Painted Wooden Baking Tools – Add character to your baking accessories with this hand painted pastry brush, rolling pin and spatula set.
  2. Hot Chocolate Cone Kits – Ready made gifts in a cone that come beautifully packaged. Makes lovely small gifts or favours. 
  3. Cheeky Chilli Chutney – With chargrilled peppers and caramelised red onion, this is great if you’re a chilli lover. They have a range of gift wrapping options if you’re buying it as a gift or wedding favours. 
  4. Valencia Blank Notebooks – If like me, you’re trying to get more organised with your blogging, then this set of 3 notebooks in a pastel geometric style would be great. 
  5. Cutie Pie Cactus Terrarium – Love terrariums at the moment, and this cactus is indeed super cute. 

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