The Weekly Round Up #9


A round up of my favourite blogger recipes and Etsy finds this week.


Hi, readers, how was your week? It’s been bluster with random bursts of sunshine here. This week on the blog I posted a Middle Eastern stuffed flatbread and a review of luxury tea by JADU. So, I haven’t mentioned it before on the the blog but not too long ago, I moved back to my hometown after being in London pretty much for the last couple of years. It’s been an….adjustment, let’s say. Living in a small town has its ups and downs.

On the up side, life kind of moves at a slower pace here. It makes a refreshing change from the big city where a train being delayed by a mere minute is the difference between getting a seat and having to stand with other people’s armpits shoved in your face. Conversely though, sometimes things are too slow compared to London. Like for instance, the buses here are pretty much empty after 4pm.

Also, you get to know you neighbours a lot more in small towns. Just recently, one of our next door neighbours here actually came and knocked at our door to let us know it was starting to rain and we should bring our clothes in from the washing line. Cute, huh? At one one point in London, when we had moved into a new building, I don’t think I even ever saw our next door neighbour for a full year. Didn’t even realise they moved out eventually. If you did happen to bump into them in the hall or the lift, you’d just smile and nod your head, mutter a thanks etc. No full blown out conversations. Maybe I have become a cynical Londoner over the past few years but a part of me is perturbed by so much interaction with neighbours. The way they know what you’re cooking, who came by your house, or what washing you’re putting out… I don’t know maybe I’m just being an awkward social turtle. 

What do you think, readers? Do you live in the big city or a small town? Which would you prefer?

And now, on to my favourite blogger recipes and Etsy finds/gift ideas this week. 

5 Blogger Recipes

  1. Cranberry Brie Mini Tarts by Fox and Briar – Cute little mini tarts studded with jewel like cranberries that would make a great party appetizer for this season
  2. Chocolate Beetroot Loaf Cake by Eat, Write, Be – I’m always looking for refined sugar free bakes these days, and this one uses honey, date nectar. Chocolate and beetroot are a fantastic combo!
  3. Cajun Chicken Pasta by My Ninja Naan – Chicken, pepper, tomato and pasta, an ideal dinner for the family and fussy eaters!
  4. Nalli Gosht by The Spice Adventuress –  A popular dish of lamb shanks simmered in yoghurt and spices, yum!
  5. Chicken Madras by This Muslim Girl Bakes – Chicken is marinaded in vinegar and lime and then cooked in a rich tomato gravy and spiced with fenugreek.  

5 Etsy Finds

  1. Hand Painted Green Foliage Glass Mug – I love drinking green tea and herbal tea in glass mugs so you can see the colour of the tea. This mug has been hand painted with delicate foliage elements. 
  2. Posh Persian Candy Floss – I just love the sound of this! It’s vanilla flavoured candy floss and packaged in a cute vintage apothecary jar. 
  3. Handmade Truffle Selection Box – Indulgent truffles made from dark, milk and white Belgian chocolate as well as fruit cake and lemon cake. 
  4. Mint Choc Chip Marshamallows – Freshly made  gourmet mint chocolate chip marshamllow. Beautiful colour and you can add a gift message too.
  5. Vintage Typewriter – A vintage portable typewriter from the 60s-70s. Would be great for crafting projects or just as a decorative piece. 


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8 thoughts on “The Weekly Round Up #9

  1. Wow, thanks so much for featuring me here, Abida! I am a medium sized city person, myself. My favorite city is Portland, Oregon. It is the perfect size. Big enough to have everything you want in a city, but small enough that you don’t have to drive forever or deal with all the other huge city shenanigans. Thanks again for including me in your roundup!
    Meghan | Fox and Briar recently posted…Sweet Potato Apple CasseroleMy Profile

    1. Abida

      You are most welcome, Meghan! So glad to have discovered your blog. From your description actually, I think a medium sized city would be the ideal. Now just to be able to live in one, haha.

  2. How lovely! I’ve adjusted to this quieter life, so much more refreshing like you mentioned, more time and all. I’m from London myself, I function better in the rush. That said, when I do visit London I come back here so much more appreciative of the slower pace. Enjoy being back home x

    1. Abida

      Thanks for stopping by, sis. Yes, there is a certain buzz to being in the thick of London life, right? It does make everything else feel turtle slow lol. But I am really not a fan of central London at all, we drove through there this week and it was just so crazy busy and frustrating! Grass is always greener on the other side, I guess!

    1. Abida

      You’re most welcome. Having seen your pictures of your garden and fruit trees, I definitely see why you say that, not often you get that in the big city!

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