The Weekly Round Up #7

A weekly round up of my favourite blogger recipes and Etsy finds and gift ideas.

Hi readers, how’s it hanging? This week on the blog I showed lots of love to veggies with my Thai Red Chickpea Curry and Tomato, Quinoa and Za’atar Soup. Maybe the veggie posts this week is due to me trying to make up being a little naughty with the sweets recently. The other day, I had cake for breakfast, as a little treat for myself (I did have green tea too, so that makes it a little healthier, right??). Any who, for the rest of the day I felt terribly headache-y and nauseous and just not good at all. I’m clearly a lightweight when it comes to sugar.

Or it’s possible I just need to make sure I don’t consume my daily limit of sugar before 8am… 

Without further ado, here are 5 blogger recipes that have caught my eye this week and 5 great Etsy finds that would make a lovely gift for yourself or a love one. 

5 Blogger Recipes

  1. Lemon Pepper Baked Fish by Maryam Makes – Delicious white fish baked with herbs and lemon , a great weeknight dinner, for fish lovers and fish sceptics alike!
  2. Chipotle Turkey and Sweet Potato Chilli by Food Pleasure and Health- Chilli, one of those great winter warmers like soup. This chilli is made a little healthier with lean turkey and sweet potato. Oh and there’s chipotle pepper, yum!
  3. Thai Coconut Chicken Soup By Ethnic Spoon – Who doesn’t love chicken soup?? Try it with a Thai twist with Analida’s recipe. 
  4. Doughnut Icecream Sandwich with Hot Fudge by Savory and Sweet Food – Do I even need to describe this?? Just wait till you see the delectable pictures. 
  5. Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Kebabs by My Garlic and Ginger Kitchen – Who would even miss meat with these beefy veggie kebabs? And they’re spiced with mango powder, cumin and garam masala. Yum. 

5 Etsy Finds

  1. Rose Tinted White Chocolate and Oreo Pyramids – These chocolate pyramids come in a box of 8 and are topped with delicate gold leaf. Such pretty colours!
  2. Hand Turned African Blackwood Bowl – A really striking wooden bowl, great for your trinkets or as a prop in your blog photos. 
  3. Air Plant Terrarium – Terrariums are so cute. If like me, you’re a city girl with limited access to a garden, this is a great DIY item for you to try out. It’s a great sustainable project by the organisation as they upcycle glass jars which are usually just thrown away. 
  4. Handmade Geometric Pattern Dining Set – Screen printed by hand and made from organic woven khaddar, this is a lovely 13 piece dining set that will definitely add colour and character to your table. 
  5. Decorative Wooden Spoons – Adorable wooden spoons, decoupaged in Cath Kinston’s floral patterns. 

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