The Weekly Round Up #11

The weekly round up - a feature of my favourite blogger recipes and easy finds this week


How was your week, all?? It’s gone by super fast for me and I can hardly believe that it’s December next week. The year is almost over! Like a lot of people I often get very reflective around this time (which might have to do with how much time I spend indoors I guess).

I also get hooked on to comfort foods this  time of year! Try as I might, I keep ingesting far more carbs and sweets then I really should be (I’ve got a meaty lasagna and spicy wedges cooking in the oven even as I type this). Not sure if it’s because I subconsciously want quick bursts of energy or because I want foods that inevitably make me feel cozy and drowsy. And I know that in a couple of months time I will sorely be regretting my inability to resist indulgent treats. Do you have stronger willpower than me, readers or are you also saying yes to calorific foods?

If you haven’t already checked it out yes, then go an read my recent post on 11 things I wish I had known about blogging and my crispy potato and spinach pakoras with a sweet tamarind chutney (see I told you I can’t resist!). I’ve had a great response to my post on tips for blogger and hope to create some more posts in the future with advice on blogging and food photography. 

And now, on to my favourite blogger recipes and Etsy gift ideas this week. 

5 Blogger Recipes

  1. Ghee Rice by Kushi’s Kitchen – Rice cooked in fragrant ghee with cumin seeds, cardamom seeds and cloves and toasted nuts and raisins. You can even use leftover rice for this, yum,
  2. Lemon Lime Mini Bundt Cakes – Super cute cakes with a white chocolate glaze. Really beautiful styling too.
  3. Potato Masala – A staple comfort food for this time of year, potatoes with rice or flatbread is the exact kind of food I’m eating right now!
  4. Pori Urundai – These crispy South Indian puffed rice balls are sweetened with jaggery so they’re gluten free and vegan 
  5. Soft Ginger Cookies – Lovely seasonal ginger cookies with a fresh lemon glaze. 

5 Etsy Finds

  1. Tea and Biscuits Notebook – Very cute tea and biscuit illustrated notebook. 
  2. Floral Notelets – Pretty set of thank you, for a special friend and thinking of you cards. 
  3. Muscle Balm – A natural and handmade balm for muscular pain containing ginger, lavender, comfrey and yarrow.
  4. Vegan Milk Chocolate –  Made with oat milk and organic cocoa. Perfect for vegan sweet lovers
  5. Macaron Scented Soy Candle – Making your room smell like sweet macarons? Er, yes and yes. 

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