HalalVital Supplements Review

A review of supplements from HalalVital, a healthy lifestyle brand based in Netherlands in Europe that offers a range of totally halal supplements and vitamins.

How’s your week going readers? As I mentioned in my last post, it really feels like spring is in the air at the moment and I am super pumped. I’m done with the endless nights and the cold weather that just makes you want to stay under the covers where it’s actually warm. For me, like many people, winter is associated with comfort food… and carbs, try as I might to stay away from them. Usually by the end of winter, as much as I am fed up of the cold and the dark, I’m often fed up of indulging in overly heavy foods that make me feel lethargic and sluggish. The warmer and longer days are an exceptional motivation in wanting to eat lighter and better.  Read More

Jadu Tea Review


This is exactly the time of year for drinking copious amounts of tea. And if you follow me on instagram, you will know that is something that I do a lot of! I can’t quite explain the excitement I feel at the prospect of testing a new exotic flavour of tea. An excellent cup of tea at just the right time is, with no added hyperbole, one of the great comforts in life. If you’ve checked out my spiced pear and earl grey tartlet post out, you will know that I have really been into incorporating tea in my recipes recently as well.  Read More