Dal with Kaffir Lime Leaves

Dal/daal, is a classic Indian staple dish and comfort food. This creamy and thick vegan dish made with red masoor lentils ialso has kafiir lime leaves for citrus notes.

Daal is a staple Indian comfort food. This thick and creamy vegetarian friendly dish has a hint of citrus through the addition of kaffir lime leaves. It’s super easy to whip up and goes great paired with rice or you could try my favourite way of sipping it on its own from an over sized mug – it is literally like a hug in a mug. If you’ve checked out my Lebanese rashta soup or vegetarian Harira soup you will know that I am a huge fan of lentils and legumes. And dal is probably my favourite lentil dish out there.  Read More

Bengali Shutki Dried Fish Curry

Shutki / Hutki Curry with mukki and lothi. Bengali home style dried fish curry with eddo and green beans. A spicy curry with no oil.

Shutki: the notorious dish of the Bengal. A rich and pungent stock is made using dried fish which is then used to flavour a fish curry using a variety of vegetables. In this recipe I used eddo (mukki) and the shoots of the eddo plant (lota). As there is no oil in this curry, it is not as heavy as other Bangladeshi dishes, and the addition of the famous Bengali Naga chilli provides a unique fragrance and punch of heat. Naga in English, is known as the Ghost Pepper, apparently the hottest pepper in the world! For those who love this dish, there is nothing that comes close to it and thankfully for you guys, I just so happen to one of those people. Read More

FREE Essential Bangladeshi Cooking E-Book

Essential Bangladeshi Cooking Free E-Book

Greetings, all! I’m very excited to share today’s post with you. Over the past year, I have published a selection of recipes on my website which I would consider to be ‘Essential Bangladeshi Recipes’. They are ideal for beginners or serious cooks with an in interest in world cuisines. I thought it would be convenient to compile these recipes in one e-book which you can keep on your laptop, smartphone, tablet, whatever sparkly digital device they come up with to allow easy access.