Dark Chocolate Mousse + Where I’ve Been

Velvet smooth chocolate mousse is a quick and easy dessert to whip up that will still manage to impress. Uses dark chocolate for a deep and full bodied flavour.

A super quick and easy dessert that still looks pretty fancy, this rich and deep chocolate mousse is a perfect after dinner dessert to enjoy. Decadent without being heavy, you can enjoy this sweet treat with a little less guilt (and dark chocolate is good for you, remember??).  

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Rafaello Cake

Rafaello cake, a light and delicate cake flavoured with white chocolate, coconut and lashings of cream. Topped off with crunchy Rafaello chocolates, it is the perfect homage to this classic chocolate treat.

Delicate as a snowflake, this Rafaello cake is sure to enthral your family and friends (and you the cook too, of course).  This light 3 tiered sponge cake is sandwiched together with lashings of thick double cream, white chocolate Rafaellos. It’s topped off with shredded coconut and a few more Rafaellos to ensure its the show stealer of any foody gathering. 

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