Small Batch Strawberry Cupcakes

Small batch strawberry flavor cupcakes with an easy fresh cream frosting. Perfect for when you need to satisfy a sweet craving but don't have the time, or energy to make a big batch (or when you don't want all the calories either!). Perfect dessert for one or two. The dainty pink frosting would make this a great tea time snack as well.

These small batch strawberry cupcakes are an ideal choice for when you need to satisfy that sweet craving but don’t need a dozen cupcakes (too much calorific temptation, am I right or what?). Or like me, it might also give you a safe opprtunity to test out new cake flavours without commiting to a big batch. Whatever the case, these cupcakes are super soft and airy with a delicate strawberry flavour and are topped with an easy fresh cream frosting. Read More

Vintage Eid Tea Party

    During the weekend of Eid, we threw a vintage style tea party on a surprisingly sunny Sunday afternoon. It was the first grown up party that I had taken part in hosting and I thought I’d share a few pictures from the day. It took a few days to plan and prepare, and whilst there were a few stressful moments, it was a very fun and enjoyable day.   It was a real DIY party, as most things were either homemade, like the cakes and cookies or bought from the pound shop/eBay like the disposable tablecloth and vintage style paper straws and washi tape. We placed the flowers in an old glass bottle and a jam jar decorated with paper doilies from the pound shop. Whilst I love those vintage looking glass milk bottles, we had no space to store a set after the party, so instead I bought readymade milkshakes from the supermarket which came in similar shaped plastic bottles, and then I replaced the plastic label with a paper doily. My sister in law prepared the lovely Victoria sponge cake which we decorated with a washi tape cake topper. But our cake stand was nothing more than a plate and bowl taped together! I also had some fun making some tissue paper Pom pom flowers. It’s pretty cool what you can produce with a little creative thinking and lots of Pinterest tutorials!            

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Tahini, Almond and Honey Cookies

Hello, dear readers! It has been a while. I was recently ill for about a week and didn’t quite have the energy to blog. On top of that, I think I underestimated how long it would take for me to settle into the new term at work. Quite frankly, this summer term has had me whipped so far! But all is not lost, and I am back today with a new post. Read More

Citrus and Cardamom Pound Cake with Candied Blood Orange

For the last few weeks, I have been seeing recipes using blood oranges pretty much everywhere on social media. I had only tasted this exotic looking fruit once before, but I was enraptured by all the pictures I saw of these jewel like oranges and vowed to make something myself using them. And that’s where the mission began. You may assume, dear readers, that living in London, the metropolitan capital of culture in UK, it wouldn’t be too difficult to get your hands on what is simply a red coloured citrus fruit. I’ve written previously on here about how you can find the most obscure Bengali fish and vegetables in big supermarkets here these days, but finding blood oranges was like looking for a rare and endangered species. Read More

Peanut Butter Cookies

I must have been about 16 or 17 the first time I tried peanut butter. I remember hearing about it through American cultural references, but I think it has only become more popular the UK in the last few years. I also remember thinking how strange the whole peanut butter and jam sandwich combination sounded. But then I actually tried it and I was made to eat my hat. Or sandwich. Whatever, Read More