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This is exactly the time of year for drinking copious amounts of tea. And if you follow me on instagram, you will know that is something that I do a lot of! I can’t quite explain the excitement I feel at the prospect of testing a new exotic flavour of tea. An excellent cup of tea at just the right time is, with no added hyperbole, one of the great comforts in life. If you’ve checked out my spiced pear and earl grey tartlet post out, you will know that I have really been into incorporating tea in my recipes recently as well. 

So as you can imagine from such an introduction, I was super excited to be given the opportunity to try out the tea range from Jadu Tea. Jadu Tea are a luxury tea brand based in the UK, who according to their own website aim to bring a sense of indulgence and satisfaction to their customers. Not a small claim.

Well, I can tell you for sure I felt the luxury when I received my range of teas. In particular, the navy blue suede and gold box that is pictured above induced a, “ooh, you fancy,” moment for me. It’s like a giant ring box, and I kind of felt that same anticipation you would feel as the lid of the box slowly inches back to reveal a shiny diamond. At least I’d guess so anyway, as I’m hopelessly single no one’s ever given me a diamond ring before. But you know what, I might be diamond-less, but at least I have some good tea, guys. 


A review of a selection of herbal teas from Jadu Tea. We have everything from green tea to caramel flavoured rooibos

Range of flavours

Jadu Tea offer a diverse range of teas. From China Green, a full bodied green tea to a lemongrass and red cornflower laced mademoiselle grey. I drink green tea on a daily basis, so it was pretty much a dead cert that I would like the deep flavour of the China Green.

Creme Brulee Rooisbos

The Rooibos Creme Brulee (I know, fancy, fancy) was really interesting though. It’s a loose caffeine free tea, with the ingredients lisiting caramel, hazlenut and cinnamon. The smell is incredible, very sweet and caramel like indeed and it has a pretty rosey hue to it. The tea itself however is not sweet, which is a plus for me as I don’t take tea with sugar anymore these days.

I actually got my 12 year old nephew to try it out and he also loved the smell of the Creme Brulee Rooibos. Also, he took the fact that he was drinking tea without milk or sugar as a sure sign that he was now a worldly and mature adult. Cute, I know. 

White Mango Lime

Equally decadent was the white mango lime tea. This blend combines the oxidant packed white tea with pineapple, hibiscus and lime leaves. It has a fruity and slightly floral smell to it which is quite uplifting as I sometimes find white tea a little bitter. 

Spa Afternoon

If you’re health conscious, or a fan of detox teas, then you may like Jadu’s Spa Afternoon tea. This contains oolong tea, spearmint, nettle, dandelion, burdock and milk thistle. These are ingredients which are known to be good for flushing out the liver. Spearmint is also known to be great for aiding women with hormonal imbalances. Teas are obviously no quick fix, but I like how detox teas make me feel lighter and less bloated. 


If I had to a pick a favourite, I think I would probably go for the Creme Brûlée rooibos because I thought it was a really unique and indulgent flavour. If like me, you’re someone who gets excited over tea, or you know someone who is a tea lover, then the range from Jadu Tea would make an excellent purchase or gift. I love how you can bring people together over tea and make an event out of it and with Jadu, tea feels downright like a black tie occasion. You can view Jadu Tea’s full range of luxury gift teas here on their online shop. 


Disclaimer: I was sent this product for the purposes of a review, however, my opinion and views stated here are my totally my own. 

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