Giveaway: Benares Cookbook and Drink Me Chai Set

Giveaway on The Red Lychee - Benares Cookbook: Michelin Starred Cooking from Chef Atul Kochhar and a lovely tea gift set from Drink Me Chai.

How has your week been going so far, readers? I can hardly believe it’s the middle of December!  As I will be hitting the one year mark of blogging I have put together a little giveaway to say thank you for following me along on this journey for the past year. This blog started off as a hobby, to document my culinary misadventures endeavours to become a better cook and finally learn the delicious traditional Asian recipes I had been eating all my life. My first ever recipe on the blog was an easy chicken curry, which we eat very regularly in our family.  Not only that that, but it got me doing something productive and creative instead of just vegging out once this exhausted teacher got home from work. Now on to those prizes which have kindly been sponsored by Absolute Press and Drink Me Chai.

Giveaway on The Red Lychee - Benares Cookbook: Michelin Starred Cooking from Chef Atul Kochhar and a lovely tea gift set from Drink Me Chai.

Atul Kochhar is a Michelin award winning chef who is renowned for his creating vibrant yet contemporary Indian food. This cookbook from Absolute Press contains recipes from his restaurant, Benares.

I remember watching Atul Kochhar as an Bengali girl growing up in a small English city, and I used to feel really inspired watching him cook. I always love hearing him talk about food because although it is clearly inspired by traditional recipes from the Indian sub-continent, he often adds these fusion twists to make it more appealing to audiences in the UK. And of course I love anything where you get to play with spices! This cookbook has a RRP of £30.00 and is a must have recipe companion for any serious foodie with an interest in Indian cooking. 

Giveaway on The Red Lychee - Benares Cookbook: Michelin Starred Cooking from Chef Atul Kochhar and a lovely tea gift set from Drink Me Chai.

I also have a chai latte gift set from Drink Me Chai. In the set we have full 250g drums of chai latte mixes in vanilla and spiced flavour. As well as 3x 20g spiced sample sachets. To make the chai latte, all you need to do is add hot boiling water to a few teaspoons of the mix. Or to make it a little creamier, then use hot frothy milk, yum. If you are a tea addict like me, then you need to try these out. It makes it so quick and convenient to knock up a creamy chai latte at home with minimal effort. 

To enter the giveaway, leave a blog comment as usual answering the following question: What’s your favourite Indian dish? Once you have done that, you use the rafflecopter widget to confirm you have left a comment and register your details into the generator.

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The giveaway ends on December 23rd 12:00 AM. This giveaway is open to UK residents only.

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33 thoughts on “Giveaway: Benares Cookbook and Drink Me Chai Set

  1. Hi Abida! I tried entering the giveaway via rafflecopter, but for some reason, when i tried to submit my answer, it submitted a blank answer and i cannot re-enter. Is there any other way i could enter? I already follow you on Instagram! Thanks in advance.

    1. Abida

      Hi there! You don’t comment using rafflecopter, you just comment here in the comments section of the blog and then use the rafflecopter widget to confirm that you have left a comment below. Same with the IG part, you just tick on rafflecopter to say that you are following me, and in your comment tell me your IG name so I can check

  2. I feel so thick now!! Lol!

    Ok, here is my entry:

    My favourite Indian dish has to be tandoori chicken. It is such a versatile dish as in you can eat it on it’s own or it’s leftovers can be made into a variety of dishes. But more so for me, tandoori chicken brings for me many cherished memories; it reminds me of my mum and dad, of friends with whom i know longer talk to and of people who i have lost contact with, but also it is one of those dishes that everybody from the Indian subcontinent knows. People cook it using many recipes, but as soon as you hear the words ‘tandoori chicken’, well then you know you are about to eat something special.

    I am also on Instagram as @the_travelling_undhal.

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