Brodu and Pastizzi

Huzzah, I finally managed to get a post in for MENA cooking club! I officially joined about 2 months ago, but due to facepalm fails circumstances (getting the date wrong for the Lebanon challenge and adding too much salt for the sfinz in the Libyan challenge), I am only getting around to my first challenge now for Malta. Read More


Good morning, readers! This post comes to you from one bright eyed and bushy tailed blogger on a Monday morning, no less. I all but skipped home on Thursday afternoon, delighting in the prospect of the upcoming Easter break. So far, I haven’t really been doing too much aside from catching up with some reading, but man, it felt good to luxuriate in a little bit of leisure time. Read More

Individual Homity Pies

Hello all, I’m coming at you today with my version of a traditional British Homity Pie. I will confess, I’d never heard of this dish up until a few weeks ago when I stumbled across it online. Apparently, it dates back to World War Two where this meat-free dish served as a rationing meal. It is an open vegetable pie and usually consists of a pastry case filled with an onion, potato and leek filling. 

I came across a version of mini filo homity pies on Great British Chefs and immediately loved the look of them. Using filo is great shortcut instead of making your own pastry, and a little lighter on the old waist too. Though I used some of the traditional filling ingredients of onion, potato and cheese, I decided to add some kale and peas instead of leek for some colour and sweetness. I also topped the pies with some red chilli and spring onion which is great for adding some spice and a little bit of texture. Read More

Chai flavoured Barley Pancakes

If you follow me on instagram (if you aren’t, why not dude??) then you may have picked up on my enjoyment of big breakfasts on the weekend. During the working week, I don’t always find the time for breakfast, especially during these winter days when I am forced to awaken when it’s still dark outside, but on the weekend I like to have fun with my breakfasts. I wasn’t always this way though. Once upon a time, I used to find breakfast a boring chore and was stuck in a grey world of weetabix and cornflakes. But something changed in me about two years ago. I’m not sure what exactly changed. But I think it might have had something to do with finding ways not to study or write an essay…

Anywho, to mark my last day off work today, I decided to try out something new with the bag of barley flour sitting in my kitchen. I don’t make pancakes very often, but they make a great breakfast treat when you have those extra few minutes in the morning. There are all sorts of variations these days of more healthy versions of pancakes that don’t use regular white flour. I have previously tried making them using my own oat flour but I wasn’t too much of a fan of the taste and I much prefer the taste of these barley flour pancakes. Whilst barley may not gluten free, as I mentioned in my Barley tea recipe, there still remain many health benefits associated with this grain. Read More