Bengali 5 Spice Squash, Cabbage and Spinach Bhaji

A warming vegetable stir fry for winter, using butternut squash, red cabbage and spinach that is spiced with Bengali 5 Spice . Serve with rice or by itself for a healthy vegan meal.

Here’s a quick and easy way to get your veggies in these cold months using seasonal produced. An Indian style vegetable stir fry, or bhaji, using butternut squash, red cabbage and spinach. It is cooked in just a little bit of oil with sliced onions and a little bit of garlic and flavoured with the famous Bengali 5 Spice. Panch Phoron, or Bengali 5 Spice is a whole spice blend of fenugreek seed, black sesame seeds, whole cumin, mustard seed and fennel seed. Serve with rice for a perfect vegan meal for Meatless Monday, on enjoy a bowl on its own for a no carb meal.  Read More

Butternut Squash and Apple Soup


I have a butternut squash and apple soup for Meatless Monday today. A hearty soup, using autumnal produce and spiced with earthy cumin and just a hint of a chilli kick to warm you up. There is only a little bit of apple in the soup, so you can’t really taste it very strongly, but it does give a little bit of a sweetness that works well with the squash and contrasts the heat of the chilli. I used a golden delicious apple, as that’s what we had on hand, but I think a slightly tart green apple like Granny Smith would be great.  I added milk to add just a little bit of creaminess (because creamy soups are always a winner) but you can omit it or use coconut milk for a vegan version.  

Spiced Almond Noon Chai

Spiced Almond Noon Chai

Is the weather getting a little bit chilly in your neck of the woods? Are you looking for a hot beverage that is punctuated with autumnal spices to warm  you down to your toes? And do  you want it to be dairy free and sugar free? Well you are in for a treat because I have got just the beverage for you! Spiced almond Noon Chai, a salty and sweet tea flavoured with cinnamon and cardamom. It’s dairy free as it uses almond milk but you get all the same creaminess in this hug in a mug. 

Chelapata maas di shatkhora (No Oil Minnow Fish Curry)


You know what really gets my goat? When I hear a lot of younger Bengalis these days defiantly declare a profuse dislike of fish. It is sadly a common complaint that plagues many of those in my generation. In case you haven’t figured out by now, I loove fish! As I’ve mentioned a few times before, it is the huge diversity of fish dishes that makes Bangladeshi food distinctly stand out from its South Asian counterparts. Read More

Brodu and Pastizzi

Huzzah, I finally managed to get a post in for MENA cooking club! I officially joined about 2 months ago, but due to facepalm fails circumstances (getting the date wrong for the Lebanon challenge and adding too much salt for the sfinz in the Libyan challenge), I am only getting around to my first challenge now for Malta. Read More