Rafaello Cake

Rafaello cake, a light and delicate cake flavoured with white chocolate, coconut and lashings of cream. Topped off with crunchy Rafaello chocolates, it is the perfect homage to this classic chocolate treat.

Delicate as a snowflake, this Rafaello cake is sure to enthral your family and friends (and you the cook too, of course).  This light 3 tiered sponge cake is sandwiched together with lashings of thick double cream, white chocolate Rafaellos. It’s topped off with shredded coconut and a few more Rafaellos to ensure its the show stealer of any foody gathering.  Read More

Small Batch Strawberry Cupcakes

Small batch strawberry flavor cupcakes with an easy fresh cream frosting. Perfect for when you need to satisfy a sweet craving but don't have the time, or energy to make a big batch (or when you don't want all the calories either!). Perfect dessert for one or two. The dainty pink frosting would make this a great tea time snack as well.

These small batch strawberry cupcakes are an ideal choice for when you need to satisfy that sweet craving but don’t need a dozen cupcakes (too much calorific temptation, am I right or what?). Or like me, it might also give you a safe opprtunity to test out new cake flavours without commiting to a big batch. Whatever the case, these cupcakes are super soft and airy with a delicate strawberry flavour and are topped with an easy fresh cream frosting. Read More

Basboosa Cake

This semolina and almond cake, known as basbousa/basboosa/hareesa is a popular Middle Eastern cake. This light and airy sponge is soaked with a sugar syrup with lemon and rosewater to ensure it is deliciously moist. This cake is so easy to bake and can be whipped up in one bowl! Serve with tea or coffee. Great for Eid.

A Middle Eastern Almond and Semolina cake that is light and airy, and soaked in a sugar syrup with rosewater and lemon to ensure it stays deliciously moist. It pairs well with a good cup of tea or coffee and is often served at special occasions such as Eid. This is a super easy (almost foolproof) cake that can be whipped up in just one bowl. Less washing up? That’s always a yes!  In fact the trickiest thing about the cake is figuring out what to call it in English. Basboosa or Basbousa? Hareesa or Haresah? Read More

Bengali Sweet Yoghurt

Mishti Doi or Sweet Yoghurt is a popular and traditional Bengali and Indian dessert.. In this easy to prepare dessert, the milk base is cooked on the stove with cardamom  and brown sugar for a caramel taste before being baked in the oven to set. It is then topped with chopped pistachio.  A great dessert that can be made in advance for a party or gathering. Great for Eid.

How’s your weekend going readers? I kind of wish it could last just a teeny bit longer. I have another sweet recipe for you today, one that is really popular with us Bangladeshis and Bengalis. Mishti doi translates literally translates into sweet yoghurt. Flavoured with aromatic cardamom and topped with crunchy pistachio, it is slightly sweet with the slight tang from the curd and is a great dessert for when you want something that is light and easy to convenient to serve. It’s great to serve for company as you can prepare it the night before and leave it in the fridge until the next day.  Read More